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Cub passed...!? / Pocket
Sources indicates retired dogboxer Cub found dead in his Las Vegas home at 3:50 am Thursday. Was eating and acting normal until 10 pm the day before, so the cause of death is unknown. RIP
No.257 - 2013/12/26(Thu) 22:13:25
What's going on? / Pocket
Absolutely no viewer comment on this message board during the year 2013, hahha. All right folks, Merry Christmas!

I am getting old but still alive and well in Las Vegas.
No.256 - 2013/12/23(Mon) 23:20:54
2012 / Pocket
Folks, it is already end of the year and I will be 12 years old soon.

I am very healthy and happier than ever. Wish you all a happy new year.
No.255 - 2012/12/30(Sun) 18:35:08
I'm Back!!! / Pocket
After 14 month of layoff, I finally checked in to my new home. Now I can watch TV all day.
No.253 - 2012/04/06(Fri) 09:27:19
Re: I'm Back!!! / salamanca
Have a nice weekend!
No.254 - 2012/04/07(Sat) 22:35:00
Status Update / Pocket
Folks, It is already Thanksgiving but I am yet to be back home. I finally had a chance to have a full course day spa at Joe's house today and feeling great. Shampoo & nails, park walk and shopping at Petco... what more can you ask for?
No.251 - 2011/11/26(Sat) 10:41:59
Re: Status Update / Joe
My real estate agent and I are working hard to get the deal done by the end of December so we can live together in our new home. Hopefully by the Christmas day when much anticipated NBA regular season begins. Until then, be good.
No.252 - 2011/11/26(Sat) 10:46:53
OMG / Pocket
Eh.. It's been 8 months since I started boarding in the house with no TV. And NFL's first game of the season is on Thursday.
No.250 - 2011/09/06(Tue) 10:02:27
NBA Playoffs / Pocket
NBA playoffs are right around the corner... what!? They are already at the end of 1st round!?
I am still boarding in the house with no TV.
No.248 - 2011/04/25(Mon) 20:51:04
Re: NBA Playoffs / Joe
Yeah, man. My team OKC is 3-0 now.
No.249 - 2011/04/25(Mon) 20:53:25
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