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Cub / Joe
I saw Cub last night, and he put a few extra pounds...
No.197 - 2009/08/23(Sun) 02:39:57
Re: Cub / Pocket
As is often the case with retired dogboxer.
No.198 - 2009/08/23(Sun) 02:43:18
TV / Joe
Football season is right around the corner, and we still don't have a big screen TV. WHat's up with that!?
No.195 - 2009/08/19(Wed) 04:05:46
Re: TV / Pocket
Our tube TV is 27 inches. I'm fine for now.
No.196 - 2009/08/19(Wed) 04:07:19
MLB / Pocket
Forget about WNBA.

We finally found a way to make profit betting on Major League Baseball. Now that All Star game is over, teams with playoff contention start to play the game tight. 4-5 team favorite parlays, even includeing some heavy favs like -200's.
No.193 - 2009/07/21(Tue) 13:36:10
Re: MLB / Joe
Very smart, Pocket. Forget the dogs.
No.194 - 2009/07/21(Tue) 13:37:20
WNBA / Pocket
As we get so bored, we finally started betting on Woman's basketball...
No.191 - 2009/06/28(Sun) 11:14:00
Re: WNBA / Joe
Phoenix Mercury lost by 30 points.

I QUIT !!!
No.192 - 2009/06/28(Sun) 11:14:55
NBA Final / Joe
I'm just gonna have a little series money on Magic, probably at +240 maybe.
No.188 - 2009/06/01(Mon) 13:09:30
Re: NBA Final / Pocket
I really don't know who's gonna win.
No.189 - 2009/06/01(Mon) 13:10:14
Re: NBA Final / Pocket
We've been down 2 games but thank god Magic won last night at home. Game 4 is the key.
No.190 - 2009/06/11(Thu) 04:17:45
Conference Finals / Joe
Lakers edged Nuggets last night, but I still like Denver.
No.183 - 2009/05/21(Thu) 04:22:59
Re: Conference Finals / Pocket
We have small money on Orlando Magic @+475...

Long shot, but we gamble!
No.184 - 2009/05/21(Thu) 04:24:41
Re: Conference Finals / Joe
Nuggets won Wednesday night... I was gonna make a money line bet but took points by mistake. Sorry, Pocket...

Orlando Magic tonight at +9, this was also meant to be money line. Let's see what happens.
No.185 - 2009/05/23(Sat) 02:46:43
Re: Conference Finals / Pocket
LeBron James 3 point shot with 1 seconds left...

No.186 - 2009/05/23(Sat) 13:29:31
Re: Conference Finals / Joe
If I'd bet money line on Magic, I would have broken my TV that moment, haha. We got 2 winning tickets anyway.

I take -110 every day.
No.187 - 2009/05/23(Sat) 13:34:40
Game 7 / Pocket
We are betting on Orlando Magic+135 and Houston Rockets+800 on Sunday's game. Separate bet, but it's money line. My guess is that upset is due to occur.
No.180 - 2009/05/17(Sun) 12:18:57
Re: Game 7 / Joe
If any one of them wins, we make money.

These bets sounds so good that I decrare retirement from NBA betting should both loses the game.
No.181 - 2009/05/17(Sun) 12:21:23
Re: Game 7 / Joe
Wow, I didn't know Lakers-Rocket game is first!

Houston got whacked, but Hedo Turkoglu, Rashad Lewis and D-Howard saved my ass. Thanks.
No.182 - 2009/05/18(Mon) 12:56:00
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