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Regular Season ends / Pocket
...today. I wouldn't like to bet on playoffs because they play so much differently.

Last chance to win 10 team "Daily Parlay Card" which pays 800 to 1.
No.172 - 2009/04/15(Wed) 21:33:12
Re: Regular Season ends / Joe
I think I am gonna spend 50 dollars on that.

By the way, Tuesday night had only 3 NBA games and I said Miami+9.5 Boston+6.5 LAL-6.5...

Of course it hit when I didn't buy!!!
No.173 - 2009/04/15(Wed) 21:38:57
ADCC / Joe
You guys know what it is?
No.168 - 2009/04/05(Sun) 13:22:03
Re: ADCC / Pocket

Yeah, they rock!
No.169 - 2009/04/05(Sun) 13:23:13
Hey. / Pocket
How are you doing, folks?

Just wanted to say hi.
No.164 - 2009/03/29(Sun) 08:42:29
Re: Hey. / Joe
Big screen TV has not come to our house yet.
No.165 - 2009/03/29(Sun) 08:43:25
Re: Hey. / salamanca
> Big screen TV has not come to our house yet.

No.166 - 2009/03/31(Tue) 23:40:24
Re: Hey. / Joe
Oh, hi, Salachan.

I mean, I still haven't won enough money to buy one yet... Sports betting is not so easy!
No.167 - 2009/04/01(Wed) 05:37:22
Re: Hey. / salamanca

No.170 - 2009/04/07(Tue) 00:06:09
Re: Hey. / Pocket
Joe spends a lot of money on cable but he don't have no time to watch TV... sad. hahaha.
No.171 - 2009/04/13(Mon) 12:35:24
Re: Hey. / salamanca
> Joe spends a lot of money on cable but he don't have no time to watch TV... sad. hahaha.

That's waste〜〜〜〜〜.
No.174 - 2009/04/20(Mon) 22:15:53
6 leg parlays / Joe
I played some parlay cards on Saturday. One of those hit and it gave me a nice birthday present. I picked 4 NBA games all favorites and 2 NHL games under 6pts. Odds are 45 for 1.

Then again I bought another 6 legs on Sunday and it hit !!!
No.161 - 2009/02/23(Mon) 13:34:27
Re: 6 leg parlays / Pocket
Something is wrong. Drive carefully, dad.
No.162 - 2009/02/23(Mon) 13:35:09
Re: 6 leg parlays / Joe
Not to worry. The ticket cost only $10 & $5, respectively. Did you want me to bet more?
No.163 - 2009/02/23(Mon) 13:37:33
NHL / Joe

I started betting on NHL... Of course, I don't know nothing about NHL, so here's what I did.

I picked 5 games "under" and surprisingly the first 4 went comfortably under either 5 or 6 points. Final game 1-2 til the end of 2p.

2-2, 3 minutes left. I said please no OT! Then Montreal scord. 30 seconds left, I said I won! ...and guess what Montreal scored another goal, hey you guys didn't need that point...!
No.159 - 2009/02/15(Sun) 09:03:20
Re: NHL / Pocket
They heard the voice of bookies, dad.

Try again, hahaha.
No.160 - 2009/02/15(Sun) 09:04:45
Stratocaster / Joe
I bought a guitar at Target. A Strat!
No.157 - 2009/02/09(Mon) 19:42:41
Re: Stratocaster / Pocket
A "STARCASTER" by Fender, exactly.

Large head, maple fingerboard. Nice.
No.158 - 2009/02/09(Mon) 19:44:20
Superbowl / Pocket
Steelers won by a miraculous TD pass received by Santonio Holmes. Final score 27-23. Great game, it was.

What I had? Cardinals... money line.
No.155 - 2009/02/02(Mon) 13:28:13
Re: Superbowl / Joe
Not the best way to end the season, but it's all good. We enjoyed the big game to the very end.

I will buy a 42 inch HDTV anyway to watch basketball and baseball and... hey, September is right around the corner.
No.156 - 2009/02/02(Mon) 13:34:02
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