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How's everyone doing? / Pocket DECD
Life up here is not bad.
No.264 - 2017/12/08(Fri) 01:51:44
Is That True!? / Pocket
Las Vegas Dog Review Journal, September 5th. 2017

"Local retired dogboxer Pocket Rocket found dead last night in the backyard swimming pool of his southwest Las Vegas home..."
No.263 - 2017/10/28(Sat) 04:51:59
I moved. / Pocket
Folks, I moved into the new house and finally got everything settled down. I walked a few blocks in my neighborhood and I met a lot of dogs speaking to me over the fence. They are all jealous about me walking outside every day. I told them to ask their people, but you gotta ask them nicely, like I always do...
Now that I have a backyard, I can spend more time sun-bathing which I was unable to do in that north facing apartment room. It has a remarkably good effect on the arthritis pain in my left leg.
I am almost 16 years old if you knew it, but I have a reason to live a little longer because The NFL RAIDERS are coming to Las Vegas. I already ordered my black and silver dog jersey. Go Raiders!!
No.262 - 2017/04/16(Sun) 04:10:55
I'm still here / Pocket
I am completely shocked to find my last post here was October 2014...
I had two eye surgery in 2016 and spent a fortune at Eye Care of Animals. Dr. Smith and his team did a great job and saved my vision.
My people are buying a house, which I did not expect to happen in my lifetime, and we are moving in sometime in March if everything goes well. They found a rare 3 car garage one story house with pool on a 6000 sqft lot under 300K and grabbed it.
According to some pictures I saw, there is a dog door to the garage, then another dog door on side door to the backyard... it's a heck of a complicated way to go pee.
Eh, I want to show you some pics but this message board cannot upload any. Who built this shit? It's 2017, people!
No.261 - 2017/01/29(Sun) 15:07:26
Hi there / Pocket
Is everyone doing alright? I am still alive and, eh.. well. Just so you guys know.
No.260 - 2014/10/11(Sat) 01:46:40
Web Traffic / Pocket
Web hosting company GoDaddy called me and asked how is everything. I told them this website has a weekly average visitors of 2-3 people, or robot. No one cares about dogboxing these days.
No.259 - 2014/06/27(Fri) 02:01:12
Some medical condition / Pocket
Hello folks,
My food now is "Royal Canin Renal LP" and it tastes like shit. As you can see, it is low protein food to improve my troubled kidney function. Along with this food, I am taking Azodyl, Pepcid AC and some antibiotics for the time being. Hope my kidney numbers would come down to normal soon.
No.258 - 2014/06/27(Fri) 01:54:45
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