Kiwi House

(No Subject) / Lia 引用

we'd like to stay there on 24,25 August.
Me and my friend.
Can we stay only female room?

No.1886 2012/08/09(Thu) 14:04:54

Re: Inquiry / Skooby 引用

Thanks for your inquiry,
We have sent you an e-mail.
I am sorry to inform that we only have mixed dorms.

No.1887 2012/08/09(Thu) 14:16:26

Enquire / Takayuki 引用

Hello .

I would like to ask about a vacancy from 3rd July 2012 for a double room .

We are a couple of 1 male and 1female .

Also staying long term .


No.1884 2012/06/29(Fri) 17:33:55

TAKAYUKI-san : from Kiwi House / Utena 引用


No.1885 2012/06/30(Sat) 13:02:28

Hello / Gerard 引用

I am trying to get a hold of Noriko who Imet sometime ago in Christchurch.
From memory you had a dog called Holly?

Hope to hear from you soon

Take Care


No.1882 2012/05/04(Fri) 12:51:20

Holly / Noriko (o^-^o) 引用

Hi Gerard

Yes! I had a dog call Holly for 16 years. But he has dead 6 years ago. I am trying to remember you, but I can't. Any way I send you email. Please check your email.



No.1883 2012/05/06(Sun) 12:53:49

hey ya~ / justin 引用

is it available in the evening today?
i would stay at 4bedroom or whatever i can stay for 3days.
txt me or email me asap plz 022-697-1300

No.1880 2012/04/28(Sat) 10:48:10

Re: hey ya~ / Utena / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Justin

Thanks for your inquiry.
We have just sent you an email.
Thanks :)

No.1881 2012/04/28(Sat) 12:01:37

room / Ajmal 引用

i live in Auckland Central next week have planed to chirstchurch for 4 week
you have single room


No.1878 2012/04/18(Wed) 20:29:41

Re: room / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Ajmal

Thank you for your message.
Unfortunately, we do not have any single room available for long term (4weeks) at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, Saori

No.1879 2012/04/19(Thu) 08:36:51

Single room / Yujin JANG 引用

yesterday I was making booking.
Today i'll arrive at 6:30pm then Im gonna stay 4 weeks more..
I'm just wondering, do you have any single room? could i go to there tonight?

No.1875 2012/04/17(Tue) 04:48:34

Re: Single room / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Yujin

Thank you for your message.
I just replied to you by email.
Please check your email.

Regards, Saori

No.1877 2012/04/17(Tue) 06:03:13

Shuttle service to Railway Station. / Wei Way 引用

My friend and I will be arriving Christchurch airport on the 17th May 155pm. I understand that we can take a public bus to the Christchurch Hospital and then get a free pick up from Kiwi House? We will be taking the 8.15am train to Greymouth, would it be b possible for Kiwi House to arrange transport for us to the station in the morning?

Thanks so much!

No.1874 2012/04/16(Mon) 15:18:12

Re: Shuttle service to Railway Station. / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Wei Way:)

Thank you for your message!!

From the airport to Central Station (Bus Exchange) in the city centre, you can take #3/#29 bus.
If you ring us (phone: 03 377 9287) when you arrive at Central Station, we can come around to pick you up! (This free pick-up service is only available between 4pm-7pm.)

From Kiwi House to Railway Station, there is a shuttle bus called "Canterbury Shuttles". We can book this shuttle for you when you check-in. Please let us know again when you arrive at Kiwi House.

Regards, Saori

No.1876 2012/04/17(Tue) 05:48:03

(No Subject) / Flora Chung 引用

just wondering is it ok for booking a single room in July??
is it possible to pay 3 weeks but it is separate by two part of terms.(if i stay in kiwi house 10 days first, then i go travelling. when i back to chch, i stay in kiwi house 11 days.)

No.1872 2012/04/14(Sat) 23:28:21

Re: / Utena / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Flora Chung

Thanks for your inquiry.
We have sent you an email.
Can you please check it?
Thanks :)

No.1873 2012/04/15(Sun) 10:54:29

(No Subject) / Carolina 引用

Hi Kiwi House,
I want to know if you have a double room available from Monday 2nd March, long term 2 plus weeks, maybe longer.
What rate would you have?
Thank you

No.1870 2012/03/31(Sat) 14:44:01

Kiwi House room availabilities: / Noriko 引用

hi Carolina

We replied your message to your email.

No.1871 2012/03/31(Sat) 16:04:06

(No Subject) / Wade 引用

Hi Kiwi house,

My brother and I are arriving in Christchurch March 23. Looking to stay for 4+ weeks. what sort of rates do you have and is there room availability? thanks

No.1868 2012/03/22(Thu) 14:55:31

Re: / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Wade

Thank you for your message:)
Unfortunately, we do not have any single rooms available for long term stay at the moment. We are also unsure about the availability for the next month.
Thank you, Saori

No.1869 2012/03/23(Fri) 04:15:12

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