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(No Subject) / J.D 引用

I would like to know if you have a dorm room on Jan 12th?
we have six people.
Let me know as soon as possible!!
Thank you!!!

No.1845 2012/01/06(Fri) 12:25:46

Re: / Utena / Kiwi House 引用

Hi J.D

Thank you for your inquiry.
At the moment, we have a dorm room available for the 12th of January.

We have just sent an email to you!!


No.1846 2012/01/07(Sat) 08:34:24

(No Subject) / Juhee 引用

I would like to know if you have a double room on Jan 9th?
I mean two people in the room price.
Let me know as soon as possible by e-mail.
Thank you!

No.1843 2012/01/05(Thu) 02:49:03

Re: / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Juhee

I have just sent an email to you:)

Thanks, Saori

No.1844 2012/01/05(Thu) 06:01:06

rooms / phill 引用

i im wanting to no if yous have a single private room for one person from the 11th Jan till the 8th feb have not yet booked flights till i can confirm some accmadation down there so if you could let me no as soon as possible that would be great Im currently in auckland rooms are 133 week is that right. thanks mobile 0279127795

No.1841 2012/01/02(Mon) 07:24:55

Re: rooms / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Phill,
We just send a reply to you.
Please check your email:)
Thanks, Saori

No.1842 2012/01/02(Mon) 08:52:37

(No Subject) / motomu 引用

wish you a warm Holiday season.

No.1839 2011/12/24(Sat) 00:54:09

Re: / Noriko (o^-^o) 引用

hi there
We are all OK! Kiwi House building is fine. Yes! we are open as usual.
Thank you for your warm messages.

地震 Kiwi Houseは大丈夫ですよ〜〜。
早速のお見舞いメッセージ ありがとうございます。
建物も影響なく 通常通りの営業をしております。

余震がまだ続いて その都度 ビビッていますが・・w

No.1840 2011/12/24(Sat) 03:10:45

Single Room February 2012 / Judith 引用

I would like to ask, if you have a (small) single room avaible for February 2012 (maybe longer).
I tried to email you, but it didn't work, I'm afraid...
Thank you very much!

No.1837 2011/12/16(Fri) 18:19:17

Re: Single Room February 2012 / Lo/ Kiwi House 引用

Hi, please check your email!

No.1838 2011/12/17(Sat) 09:01:51

Japanese,Japanese Culture / JL 引用

I would like to offer "How to teach Japanese ,Japanese Culture" for
Japanese people in foreign countries. A free sample would be mailed.

No.1836 2011/12/16(Fri) 10:06:33

Dormitory / Anne 引用

Do you still have a place available in a dormitory for 1 person for next Monday (the 5th) ?
I also have to take a bus at 8am on Tuesday, is it possible to check out early ?
And is the breakfast included in the price ?
Thank you very much !

No.1830 2011/11/29(Tue) 08:15:06

Re: Dormitory / Utena / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Anne
Thank you for your inquiry.
At the moment we have a bed available in a dorm room for your date.
You can check out early in the morning :)
Breakfast is not included, sorry.
We also send a email to you!!


No.1831 2011/11/29(Tue) 13:01:06

Re: Dormitory / Anne 引用

Hi Utena,
I'm afraid I didn't get your email, could you please send it again ?
Thank you!

No.1832 2011/11/29(Tue) 18:58:57

Re: Dormitory / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

We just sent an email to you gain:)

Thanks, Saori

No.1833 2011/11/30(Wed) 06:28:54

Double room / yong 引用

hi, may i know is there any room available from 8/5/12 to 14/5/12 (1 week).

No.1828 2011/11/24(Thu) 19:29:23

Re: Double room / Lo/ Kiwi House 引用

Hi, yes we do have a room. Please contact us again about 2weeks before your check in date, if you would like to book.

No.1829 2011/11/25(Fri) 11:02:28

5 Single rooms / Larissa Vieira 引用

Hello, I'll arrive on January 15th and I would like to know the availability for 5 single rooms for 2 days. Thanks, Larissa.

No.1826 2011/11/24(Thu) 03:54:37

Re: 5 Single rooms / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

Unfortunately, we don't have 5single rooms available for your dates. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No.1827 2011/11/24(Thu) 11:06:45

(No Subject) / scott 引用

hi ,Wanting to know the availability for a single room for approx 1 to 2 months and how much. from the beginning of january 2012.


No.1824 2011/11/22(Tue) 13:04:20

Re: / Lo/ Kiwi House 引用

Please check your email!

No.1825 2011/11/23(Wed) 11:20:47

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