Kiwi House

Japanese,Japanese Culture / JL 引用

I would like to offer "How to teach Japanese ,Japanese Culture" for
Japanese people in foreign countries. A free sample would be mailed.

No.1836 2011/12/16(Fri) 10:06:33

Dormitory / Anne 引用

Do you still have a place available in a dormitory for 1 person for next Monday (the 5th) ?
I also have to take a bus at 8am on Tuesday, is it possible to check out early ?
And is the breakfast included in the price ?
Thank you very much !

No.1830 2011/11/29(Tue) 08:15:06

Re: Dormitory / Utena / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Anne
Thank you for your inquiry.
At the moment we have a bed available in a dorm room for your date.
You can check out early in the morning :)
Breakfast is not included, sorry.
We also send a email to you!!


No.1831 2011/11/29(Tue) 13:01:06

Re: Dormitory / Anne 引用

Hi Utena,
I'm afraid I didn't get your email, could you please send it again ?
Thank you!

No.1832 2011/11/29(Tue) 18:58:57

Re: Dormitory / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

We just sent an email to you gain:)

Thanks, Saori

No.1833 2011/11/30(Wed) 06:28:54

Double room / yong 引用

hi, may i know is there any room available from 8/5/12 to 14/5/12 (1 week).

No.1828 2011/11/24(Thu) 19:29:23

Re: Double room / Lo/ Kiwi House 引用

Hi, yes we do have a room. Please contact us again about 2weeks before your check in date, if you would like to book.

No.1829 2011/11/25(Fri) 11:02:28

5 Single rooms / Larissa Vieira 引用

Hello, I'll arrive on January 15th and I would like to know the availability for 5 single rooms for 2 days. Thanks, Larissa.

No.1826 2011/11/24(Thu) 03:54:37

Re: 5 Single rooms / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

Unfortunately, we don't have 5single rooms available for your dates. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No.1827 2011/11/24(Thu) 11:06:45

(No Subject) / scott 引用

hi ,Wanting to know the availability for a single room for approx 1 to 2 months and how much. from the beginning of january 2012.


No.1824 2011/11/22(Tue) 13:04:20

Re: / Lo/ Kiwi House 引用

Please check your email!

No.1825 2011/11/23(Wed) 11:20:47

Double room / Michael Yates 引用

Hi, me and my friend are arriving in Christchurch tomorrow afternoon around 2.30pm and would be looking for a double room for one week if you have anything available. I have the number for the hostel and will ring you when we get to the city centre.


No.1822 2011/11/21(Mon) 16:59:05

Re: Double room / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your message:)
Unfortunately, we do not have a double room available for your dates.

Thanks, Saori

No.1823 2011/11/22(Tue) 05:44:50

Late Arrival / Philipp 引用

I will arrive in Christchurch at the 30th of November 2011 at 12 pm. As I read below, your reception is occupied only until 7 pm. How will be my check-in handled? I plan to stay for 1 or 2 nights. Thanks

No.1820 2011/11/19(Sat) 21:49:13

Re: Late Arrival / Utena / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Philipp
Thank you for your inquiry.
Our reception will be closed after 7pm, so we cannot accept bookings for arrival times after 7pm.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

No.1821 2011/11/20(Sun) 07:57:53

How long? / Matt 引用

So, my wife and I will be travelling from the US to visit for some backpacking in mid-late February for about a month. I was wondering about how far in advance do you recommend booking my stay? I don't know how busy that time of year gets for you guys. I would be looking to get a shared private room.

No.1817 2011/11/19(Sat) 03:05:18

Re: How long? / Matt 引用

Also, I will only be in that area for about a day or 2. I am trying to set up my itinerary so I can know the exact dates in a couple weeks.

No.1818 2011/11/19(Sat) 03:07:06

Re: How long? / Utena / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Matt
Thank you for your inquiry.
At the moment, we are only taking bookings from two weeks before your check in date.
We also sent you an email :)


No.1819 2011/11/19(Sat) 11:44:58

hellow^^ / Eunsil 引用

if i book your backpacker, I'd like to know about if you can pick me up at the airport in chch.
i might arrive at 1: 35pm in chch : ) so, could you let me know about it?

hope to hear from you soon
thanks : )

No.1814 2011/11/13(Sun) 14:00:56

Re: hellow^^ / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Eunsil

Thank you for your message!
Unfortunately, we don't have a free pick-up service from the airport.
But we can pick you pick from the Central Station (Bus terminus) in the city. Just ring us (03 377 9287) when you arrive at the bus stop. Our driver will come around to pick you up!
This service is available only between 4pm-7pm.

Thanks, Saori

No.1816 2011/11/18(Fri) 07:10:01

One man and a camper van / Neel 引用

Hello - I am one man with a campervan and will be starting a journey around NZ for the next month, beginning in Christchurch and heading south before circling back north. I'm looking for like minded people who would like to join the adventure. I love hiking, the outdoors, am a safe driver and hail from the UK. If you're interested in joining me, please let me know.

No.1815 2011/11/17(Thu) 18:27:31

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