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Pets / kathryn 引用

Hi there,
I will be coming down from Rotorua to compete at a dog show in late janurary early february 2012 for a week sometime and was wondering if you allow dogs on the property(in my car). They are extremly well behaved and don't bark at people walking passed.

No.1808 2011/10/26(Wed) 18:27:53

Re: Pets / Lo/ Kiwi House 引用

Hi, unfortunately, we do not allow pets at our backpackers. Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards Lo

No.1809 2011/10/27(Thu) 12:56:05

6 Weeks accommodation from 6th Nov 2011 / Glen 引用


I am a Physiotherapy Student from Otago University and will need to be
in Chch for a clinical placement for 6 weeks beginning 6th November

Do you have any rooms available. I don't mind if it is dorm or single.



No.1806 2011/10/23(Sun) 03:37:58

Re: 6 Weeks accommodation from 6th Nov 2011 / Noriko 引用


Yes we have some private single room and dorm beds are available from 6th November for 6 weeks.

Please check your email in box, we will send you more details about booking.


No.1807 2011/10/23(Sun) 09:33:54

(No Subject) / Olivia 引用

Hi there, I'm looking to stay for 2 weeks, starting Nov 7th (single bed room). I would need to be leaving at about 5:30am. Would this be possible? Also, could you please advise me of the cost of a private room for 2 weeks? Cheers, Olivia

No.1804 2011/10/17(Mon) 18:44:53

Re: / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Olivia

Thank you for your message.

Yes! We do have a single room available for 14nights from 7th November 2011 at Main Kiwi House (373 Gloucester Street) for 1person at the moment.
The price is currently $189/week (weekly rate) times 2weeks = $378 in total.

We have also sent an email to you, so please check that too.

Thanks, Saori

No.1805 2011/10/18(Tue) 04:38:57

looking for accommodation exchange‏ / News Chen 引用

Do u need a house keeper?
My name is News, I will arrive Christchurch on 17/10.
I need a job for accommodation exchange.
I can do good cleaning, hardworking and i will stay for 6 months.
Please contact me if you need a good house keeper.
News Chen

No.1802 2011/10/12(Wed) 23:52:24

(No Subject) / Noriko 引用

hi News

Thanks you for your offer your help.
I send you a email about it.

No.1803 2011/10/13(Thu) 13:23:30

hi ! / mr. patrick 引用


I'd like to stay in a Single room on sunday(9) to Tuesday (11) .

reply ASAP please .


No.1800 2011/10/06(Thu) 15:59:28

Re: hi ! / Lo/ Kiwi House 引用

Please ring us on (03) 377-9287 to book, thanks!

No.1801 2011/10/07(Fri) 12:03:10

Thank you! / Meg 引用

kiwi houseは本当にキレイで快適、スタッフの方も親切で、またNZに行く機会があれば利用させていただこうと思ってます。
Day tourのことなど色々教えていただいたり、車で送っていただいたり、感謝してもしきれません。

No.1798 2011/09/28(Wed) 09:50:04

Re: Thank you! / Saori / Kiwi House 引用


またいつかクライストチャーチに来ることがあれば、Kiwi Houseものぞきに来てくださいね♪またMegumiさんにお会いできることを楽しみにしています☆


No.1799 2011/09/28(Wed) 11:13:26

Hello! / Changhwan Jang 引用

hello! i already booked this house as a share. Can i get a impormation about booking from email because i don't have any booking number or and so on..

No.1796 2011/09/27(Tue) 23:43:30

Re: Hello! / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Changhwa!

Thank you for your message:)

We don't have any booking number. So just say your first name when you come to our hostel. For group booking, we need to charge a full amount of accommodation fee to confirm. we just send an email to you about the details of your booking, so please check the email and reply to us as soon as possible.

Thank you,

No.1797 2011/09/28(Wed) 05:57:07

はる〜〜! / noriko 引用

Kiwi Houseの庭も たくさんの花が どんどこ 咲き始めました。
確かに! 確実に春になってきてます。
夏も もうすぐ って言う 錯覚に落ち入るくらい 暑い日もありますよ〜〜。

No.1795 2011/09/27(Tue) 06:25:02

service / chris 引用

hi...i m chris from malaysia,i will arrive to chrischurch on 13/09/2011.
i just want to ask any room for us???tq

No.1793 2011/09/10(Sat) 18:03:52

Re: service / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

Yea, we do have some dorm beds and single room at the moment. Please check your email!

No.1794 2011/09/11(Sun) 06:39:53

Room / Ananth 引用


I am looking for a single room from 14th Sept for 2 or 3 nights. Please advise me about the room availability. How can I get there from Airport?


No.1791 2011/09/10(Sat) 12:18:30

Re: Room / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

Hi! we do have the single room ($36) available for your dates.

*From the airport..
The best way to get here will be to take a shuttle bus from the airport. They are outside the terminal.You do not need to book and they cost around $25 per person, $30 for 2 people,
it is a door-to-door, 24/ 7 service. All you have to do is hop in any shuttle bus and give this address "Kiwi House 373 Gloucester Street" to the driver, pay the fare and he will drop you off. It will usually take around 30 mins to get to Kiwi House from the airport, but it will also depend on the number passengers in the bus.

No.1792 2011/09/10(Sat) 13:26:34

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