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check-in / IRENE BATTEL 引用

Hi there,
I'd like to make a reservation for a person for thr 29th August. Is there any change to check-in after my flight is landing at 22,30

No.1771 2011/08/16(Tue) 14:27:15

Re: check-in / Lo /Kiwi House 引用

Thanks for your inquiry.
Unfortunately, we close at 7pm.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

No.1772 2011/08/17(Wed) 07:29:01

Room / miki & karlou 引用

Hi there,

we'd like to book a double room for a week (or more) from the 6th of september. Is there a room available?


No.1769 2011/08/14(Sun) 16:50:29

Re: Room / Lo /Kiwi House 引用

Hello Miki&Karlou
Thanks for your inquiry.

At the moment, we do have a double room ($26/night/person) available.
Our double room is actually at the private house at the moment. But still we
have separate kitchen (TV. DVD player) and bathroom for our temporary
stayres. Free internet access WiFi(you have to have laptop or i-pod) and
laundry over there. We can take 5-6 people at the private house.

The house is about 5minutes drive from our hostel.
You will need to check in at the Main Kiwihouse (373 Gloucester st) and we
will drive you there.

But, we usually take bookings from two weeks before the check in date, therefore please contact us again about that time.
We have plenty of rooms available for your dates.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hide /Kiwi House

No.1770 2011/08/15(Mon) 08:24:06

room / damien 引用

I wanna book a single room for 4 weeks or more from septmeber 7th. Do you have available room?
Is there car park, or off-street parking available around the hostel?

No.1767 2011/08/12(Fri) 18:47:20

Re: room / Lo /Kiwi House 引用

Hi Damien, thanks for your inquiry. We do have the bigger single rooms available. Yes, we do have free off street parking. Please take a look at our booking & inquiry page

No.1768 2011/08/13(Sat) 06:59:27

dorm room 31th, 1th / Jaesun son 引用

Hello, I wanna book dorm room for 2 nights from tomorrow.
maybe I gonna arrive there at 6:40pm
could you pick me up in front of naked bus terminal?
If there is not dorm room, I can stay in single room as well.
I think I little late for booking the room but I 'm waiting for your reply.
please reply to me as soon as possible. see you

No.1765 2011/07/30(Sat) 18:59:58

Re: dorm room 31th, 1th / Lo /Kiwi House 引用

Hi Jaesun, we do have dorm beds available from tomorrow. Please ring us to book! (03)377-9287 We do pick up as well. You will need to ring us when you arrive.

No.1766 2011/07/31(Sun) 06:55:10

a double room availability on 24 Sept 2011 / Xin 引用


Hi, I'm looking for a double room for 24 stay. Please advise of the room availability with the price. Thanks

No.1763 2011/07/25(Mon) 19:30:37

Re: a double room availability on 24 Sept 2011 / Hide/Kiwi House 引用

Hi Xin
I just sent an email to you. Please check it. Thanks.

No.1764 2011/07/26(Tue) 06:38:55

Double room availability on 26 & 27 Jul 2011 / Chye 引用

Hi, I'm looking for a double room for 26 & 27 July stay. Please advise of the room availability with the price. Thanks

No.1761 2011/07/19(Tue) 23:37:02

Re: Double room availability on 26 & 27 Jul 2011 / Hide/Kiwi House 引用

Hi Chye
I just sent an email to you. Please check it. Thanks.

No.1762 2011/07/20(Wed) 10:25:07

Asking / Kristin Nataly 引用

I'm Kristin from Indonesia..
I'm going to NZ at 7th August..
I want to know the single private room price for 3weeks..

No.1759 2011/07/16(Sat) 23:08:24

Re: Asking / Hide/Kiwi House 引用

I have sent you a email. Please check!

No.1760 2011/07/17(Sun) 06:45:50

room tomorrow? / Katrin Kernchen 引用

we are looking for a cheap option to stay in christchurch for the night and your hostle was recommended to us by some friends! We are three people arriving tomorrow afternoon in Christchurch! Are there any rooms left or are you fully booked already...i know we are late :) ...we don't mind to sleep somewhere on the ground either...we don't know how long we gonna stay in christchurch ...depends how fast we will find a suitable van for the next two month...hope to see ya tomorrow...we can't wait to get to NZ now...the fligths are taking forever from Nepal... , Katrin and Evelyn

No.1757 2011/07/15(Fri) 14:09:11

Re: room tomorrow? / Lo/Kiwi House 引用

Hi Katrin and Evelyn.
At the moment, we have several beds still available for tomorrow.
I am not sure that we can fit all three of you in the same room though...
Please contact us before you come to the hostel for the availability.
I think there should be some room for you.
We do free pick up from the city between 4pm-7pm.


No.1758 2011/07/15(Fri) 15:14:17

Booking / Simon 引用


I will be arriving in Christchurch on Sept 29th and want to know how much a dorm bed for 2 nights would be?

Many Thanks


No.1753 2011/07/14(Thu) 20:07:47

Re: Booking / Lo/Kiwi House 引用

Hi Simon, our prices are here

No.1756 2011/07/15(Fri) 06:12:15

Booking / Helen Low 引用


i m Helen from Malaysia, we are group of 6 female adult + 1 kid @ 6 yrs old, can we book for 6 beds dorm?
1) Chk in : 21/Aug/2011 Chk Out : 22/Aug/2011
2) Chk in : 25/Aug/2011 Chk Out : 26/Aug/2011

No.1754 2011/07/14(Thu) 22:59:43

Re: Booking / Lo/Kiwi House 引用

Please check your email!

No.1755 2011/07/15(Fri) 06:11:08

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