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work against accomodation / Sam 引用

Kia Ora,
I'm a french guy (nurse by formation) at the end of my working holiday visa. My go back home flight is on the 18th of February. I'm looking for a woofing place in a hostel or backpackers hostel until then. I'm ready to do some housekeeping, cleaning... I did some already during the winter in a resort in Kaiteriteri. I've my own van for now, but I'm currently trying to sale it. That's why I would like to find a woofing place in the city or at least close to the buses.
There is my e-mail and phone number - 0220832836
I'm staying currently around West Melton in a kiwi family, but there is less and less task for me! I would like to find a new place pretty quick. Also to have some duties, staying busy, cause I really don't like to do nothing during all days!
I'm staying available if you need more informations.
Thank you for your time. I'm hoping to hear from you soon.

No.2054 2017/01/14(Sat) 07:30:14

Availability enquiry / Jamie 引用


I was hoping to enquire if you had any single rooms available in the near future, as the $175/182 weekly price is far more appealing than paying more for shared dorms elsewhere.

Thank you in advance for your response.

No.2052 2016/11/19(Sat) 11:12:07

Re: Availability enquiry / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

HI Jamie

We sent response to your email.

Kind Regards,

No.2053 2016/11/19(Sat) 14:19:04

lllll / iiiupo 引用

昨夜の大きな地震 お見舞い申し上げます。

No.2051 2016/11/16(Wed) 15:36:04

地震 / 上木 引用

昨夜の大きな地震 お見舞い申し上げます。

No.2046 2016/11/14(Mon) 08:17:12

Re: 地震 / Lo / Kiwi House 引用


No.2048 2016/11/14(Mon) 11:46:47

Re: 地震 / 上木 引用


No.2050 2016/11/14(Mon) 14:37:09

地震 / まこと 引用


No.2047 2016/11/14(Mon) 11:30:09

Re: 地震 / Lo / Kiwi House 引用


No.2049 2016/11/14(Mon) 11:48:01

Work for accom / Sylvain Villers 引用


I was wondering if you guys had a volunteer for accomodation program at all?



No.2044 2016/11/11(Fri) 19:28:56

Re: Work for accom / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Sylvain

Unfortunately, we have enough people at our hostel at the moment. Thank you for your interest.

No.2045 2016/11/12(Sat) 12:22:24

Message for Mario Werner / Dr. Werner 引用


Kindle leave a message for Mario Werner. He should contact his parents in Germany.
Nothing to worry but he has something to manage with his insurance. He should read
an according mail for him.

Thanks and best regards, Gerhard

No.2043 2016/11/05(Sat) 18:53:04

(No Subject) / sofia 引用

Hi! My name is Sofia and i just cancelled a booking from the 7th-9th of november but I got an email that said that I still would be charged the total fee even though I canceled my booking through more than 2 days ahead and I also believe i ticked in the free cancellation box.. please send me an email!

Thank you and have a nice day!

No.2041 2016/11/03(Thu) 06:42:08

Re: / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Sofia

Thank you for your message.
I just sent you an email.


No.2042 2016/11/03(Thu) 07:04:52

we didn't sleep in the room / soline 引用


We arrive yesterday at 21H30, we walk around your house and the neighbours during 15 minutes to find the entrance, but no sign that it is KIWI ACCOMODATIONS. For a hostel, i never see one without his name on the house. After 15 min i found my name in a paper on a door which say that we have to pay in cash, because Eftpos machine is broken. Of course you didn't send an email before so, we had not the cash.
we knock on the door, and others guest openned the door. And didn't know where is our room, what we have to do. Of course there are guest. And the paper was not really a good message. After 10minutes to see in the parking, we found the room 6, cold room, and the heater, OMG the heater was doing a TERRIBLE noise !!! and we had to knock on the door or try to do the code to open the door and use the toilets of the guest we just saw. Because the paper said that we had to take the shower upstairs ... where it si ???
So, because it was just impossible, sleep in a cold room with a very small cover, in the parking, and have to go outside to find any toilets or shower, we decide to leave ! so the room was absolutely not used and we will not pay for that because it is really a joke. No sign, no welcome, no heater (we are still in winter), sleep in the parking...
Thank you to answer me, if so i will put that message on trip advisor, I am really disappointed of your hostel.

Good day

No.2038 2016/09/18(Sun) 07:59:48

Re: we didn't sleep in the room / Erika / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Soline

Thank you for your message.
I am confused about your message . You said that you were looking for the Kiwi Accomodation last night,

you mean , is that Kiwi Group Accomodation at 256 Gloucester street ? We are Kiwi House Back packer at 373 Gloucester Street .
and also you said that you found room 6 and it was a cold room , and you didn't stay , Our room 6 is oqupied by other guest at the moment t, so we believed that you couldn't get in that room 6 last night.

Please reply this email for more details for your booking information ,we would like to investigate your booking for last night.

Thank you very much , and looking forward to hearing from you again soon about this matter .

Erika / from Kiwi House

No.2039 2016/09/18(Sun) 11:25:11

Re: we didn't sleep in the room / Erika /Kiwi House 引用

Hi Soline

We were investgating about your booking , and Don't believe that we had your booking on 17th/Sep/16, also no one left any paper on our door as you said that has your name on it , our Eftpos ,machine was working fine , so it looked like you got mistaken our hostel with other hostel.

Did you book Kiwi Group Accommodation at 256 Gloucester st ?
Our name and Address are very similar, quite number of people come in our hostel , looking for the Kiwi Group Accommodation.....
We still would like to hear from you about this again , Please contact us .

Hope you are well and have a lovely time in NewZealand.

Erika / from Kiwi House

No.2040 2016/09/20(Tue) 19:57:45

(No Subject) / Daniela 引用

Hello, I liked know how much is for a week in a shared Room? ...thank you!

No.2036 2016/09/17(Sat) 06:26:05

Re: / Erika / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Daniela

We sent email to your gmail.
Please check it.


No.2037 2016/09/17(Sat) 08:31:52

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