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(No Subject) / Tiphaine DHAUSSY 引用

I sent a message several days ago and didn't have any answer. I just had the message asking to check a room for June. Can you have a look again please?
It's the 1961 message.
Thank you for yours attention.

No.1963 2014/03/09(Sun) 17:22:44

Re: / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

Please check your email!

No.1965 2014/03/10(Mon) 11:29:20

Re: / Lo 引用

Hi, just found out that we have been sending emails to you since several days ago, but it seems your email address is wrong. Do you think you could email us? then we will email you back.

No.1966 2014/03/10(Mon) 11:42:26

informations / Tiphaine DHAUSSY 引用

Good morning,

I will come in May, in NZ for an internship, at the Botanical Garden.
So, I'm looking for an accomodation for 4 weeks , from 1st June to 28th June. Is it possible to stay at KiwiHouse for this period? Would you have any avaibility?
And what would be the price please for this period?

I thank you for your attention and understanding.
Best regards

No.1961 2014/03/05(Wed) 16:26:29

Re: informations / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

Please check you email!

No.1964 2014/03/10(Mon) 11:27:39



No.1960 2014/03/05(Wed) 03:29:56

Re: 御礼 / Lo / Kiwi House 引用


No.1962 2014/03/06(Thu) 09:49:15

Single dorm for a couple of weeks / Renan 引用

Could you please tell me if any of the single rooms will be available from 17/02/2014? I will be staying for at least one week.
I saw in your website that you have small and normal single rooms, but any type of single room will be ok for me.


No.1957 2014/02/05(Wed) 04:39:42

Re: Single dorm for a couple of weeks / Erika / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Renan

Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry for delay reply, as we had big problem with our email receiving system last few days, but been fixed now.

We have a single room available from 17/Feb , but only just 2 left at this moment, so Please use our secure form below:

We close at 7pm sharp.
Unfortunately, we cannot take any booking for the arrival after 7pm.

Look forward to hear from you soon !

Or please ring us (03) 377-9287


No.1959 2014/02/08(Sat) 10:17:25

no answer to inquiry / Julie 引用

I sent you an inquiry almost 48 hours ago and I have no answer (I checked my spam), I just had the message asking to check if the details were correct.
Can you have a look again please? I'd need to know asap if you have a single room available on the 20th Feb., because if you have I need to cancel another one.
Thank you very much!

No.1958 2014/02/06(Thu) 13:38:17

(No Subject) / Nik and Franzi 引用

Hey we need a double room for the 9th of january.
Is it available?

Thanks, nik

No.1955 2014/01/08(Wed) 16:27:47

Re: / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Nik & Franzi

Thank you for your message.

At the moment, we only have few dorm beds left for tonight.
Please give us a call if you wish to book a dorm room.
Please have your credit card details with you to make a booking.
The phone number is (03) 377-9287.

We close at 7pm sharp.
Unfortunately, we cannot take any booking for the arrival after 7pm.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards, Saori

No.1956 2014/01/09(Thu) 05:06:46

looking for a house / Milan Matejka 引用

Hi there,
we are looking for a room for two people. Could you help us, please? We are going to stay in Christchurch (from 10.12 to 14.12). We will be glad if is gonna be possible stay there in this term. So let us know in phone number 0220983437.

Thanks Milan

No.1953 2013/12/09(Mon) 17:31:24

Re: looking for a house / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Milan

Thank you for your message:)
We have few beds in our shared dorm rooms left for tonight.
If you wish to book, please give us a call.
Our phone number is (03) 377-9287. Thanks.


No.1954 2013/12/10(Tue) 05:03:00

Need a room for tonight / Vahideh 引用


Is there any room for two people (a couple) for tonight 5.12.2013? If so, what would be your price. We prefer the cheapest one.

Thank you

No.1951 2013/12/05(Thu) 13:58:34

Re: Need a room for tonight / Lo / Kiwi House 引用

Unfortunately, we are fully booked tonight.

No.1952 2013/12/05(Thu) 14:46:40

Bike rental / cornelia bohn 引用


I am considering staying at Kiwi House from Dec 8-11th in a Single Room. Would there be one available for these 3 nights?

And how much would it be to rent a bike for Mon 9th and Tues 10th? Do you also offer free bike rental?

Thank you very much,


No.1949 2013/11/11(Mon) 16:42:36

Re: Bike rental / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Cornelia,

Thank you for your message:)
Yes!! at the moment, we have a single room available for your dates.
I just sent you an email with the details, so please check it.

Thank you, Saori

No.1950 2013/11/13(Wed) 04:13:05



No.1946 2013/10/26(Sat) 18:29:15

Re: 御礼 / Lo 引用

了解です。 今年もお待ちしてますよ!

No.1947 2013/11/01(Fri) 07:23:45

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