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(No Subject) / Aki 引用


It is still little far to ask but I would like to know if it is possible to book a single room from mid-June to the end of August 2014. If I cannot now please let me know as I could not quite get your booking system, so sorry!

No.1944 2013/09/30(Mon) 17:49:07

Re: / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Aki,

Thank you for your message;)

We usually confirm bookings from 2-3 weeks before the check in date.
We are unsure about the availability for next yaer at the moment.
So, please contat us again about one month before your check-in date.

We close at 7pm sharp.
Unfortunately, we cannot take any bookings for the arrival after 7pm.

To make a booking we need to know:
* Your credit card details - (We accept VISA or Master Card only). Including
the 16-digit card number, the expiry date, and the name on the card. Please
use our secure form :

Thanks, Saori

No.1945 2013/10/01(Tue) 05:42:54

(No Subject) / Mario Petrucci 引用

we are five travelers from Melbourne, Victoria. We've been looking though a lot of options and we decided we'd love to stay at your place the nights of the 25th, 26th and 27th of September. On the 26th, there would be only 3 of us. We'd prefer to stay in a dorm share room, are there any available on those nights? Also, is it possible to pay once we arrive rather than book it online? Thank you!

No.1942 2013/09/09(Mon) 19:56:42

Re: / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Mario

Thank you for your message!!
I just sent an email to you:) Thanks, Saori

No.1943 2013/09/10(Tue) 08:16:07

(No Subject) / Changmin Pang 引用

We are couple here will reach Christchurch on 18-20 October 2013,do you have double(private) for 2 people in the room (price for $52) available?Thank you.

No.1940 2013/09/04(Wed) 19:01:28

Re: / Saori / Kiwi House 引用

Hi Changmin

Thank you for your message!!
I just sent an email to you:) Thanks, Saori

No.1941 2013/09/05(Thu) 07:35:08

single room / Nakyung 引用

I would like to know if there's a single room available for a week starting from 28th July. It doesn't matter if it is a normal single room or a small one. I will be arriving around 12pm ish on Sunday, 28 Jul(if there's a room available that is).

Thank you.

No.1938 2013/07/24(Wed) 20:06:09

Re: single room / Lo 引用

Hi Nakyung, I have sent you an email!

No.1939 2013/07/25(Thu) 05:20:08

Single room / Pei 引用


May I know is there any single room which cost $44 available on on 8 July for two nights?

Thank you.

No.1934 2013/07/05(Fri) 07:07:32

Re: Single room / Pei 引用

Hi Vicky,

Thank you for your reply.

May I know is there any single room on 8 July for two nights?

Looking forward for your reply.

Thank you.

Kind regrads,
Miss Ong

No.1935 2013/07/05(Fri) 07:08:03

Re: Single room / Pei 引用


Sorry, please ignore the previous messages.

May I know is there any single room on 8 July for two nights?

Thank you.

No.1936 2013/07/05(Fri) 07:09:53

Re: Single room / Lo 引用

Hi Pei, I just sent you an email!

No.1937 2013/07/05(Fri) 15:26:25

Double room / ko 引用


We are couple here will reach Christchurch on 25th June after 4pm,do you have double room available?How much per room please?Thank you.

No.1932 2013/06/22(Sat) 15:24:13

Re: Double room / Lo 引用

We don't have double, but we have dorm beds available. Cheapest bed is $25/night. Thanks.

No.1933 2013/06/22(Sat) 15:48:31

Working for Accommodation / Jassmyne Minear 引用

Just wondering if your looking for people to Work for Accommodation?

No.1929 2013/06/12(Wed) 18:30:17

Re: Working for Accommodation / Lo 引用

email sent!

No.1931 2013/06/14(Fri) 08:15:47

(No Subject) / AKIRA KIMURA 引用


No.1928 2013/06/09(Sun) 11:44:17

Re: / Lo 引用


No.1930 2013/06/14(Fri) 08:14:27


 ところで12月5日のチェックインなのですが到着がJQ189で23:40となってしまいます。ここ2年ほど、この時間になってしまい、ロウ君に特別にキーを郵便受けの内側に張り付けてもらう形でやっていただいたのですが、今回もその形でお願いできないでしょうか? 併せてご確認、返信のほどお願い申し上げます。

No.1926 2013/06/09(Sun) 02:52:19

Re: 御礼 / Erika/ Kiwi House 引用


先ほど あきら様の メールアドレスに 返信しましたので よろしくお願いします。



No.1927 2013/06/09(Sun) 10:34:06

(No Subject) / AKIRA KIMURA 引用

 皆様お元気でしょうか? メールなぜか不能ですので掲示板にて連絡させていただきました。

No.1925 2013/06/08(Sat) 03:58:20

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